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HSR Taiwan travel guide — Everything you need.

Taiwan High Speed Rail Pass, limited to foreign passengers travelling with 3-Day Pass, Flexible 2-Day Pass and 5-Day Joint Pass to enjoy the beautiful scenery with the fastest train at the best price. Traveling in Taiwan is now much easier than the past. Many people and families come to Taiwan for traveling, shopping, eating. Most of the visitors will fly to Taipei firstly before going to attractive places. But how to move between places in Taiwan for convenience? Taiwan’s HSR high-speed train Taiwan High Speed Rail, HSR Taiwan, THSR []. Buy Taiwan High Speed Rail One Way Ticket Online: Purchase a Taiwan High Speed Rail ticket for easy, quick and convenient travel to Taiwan's top cities and destinations. Book your THSR ticket with instant confirmation at Klook!

The High Speed Rail HSR, also known as the Bullet Train, runs down the entire length of the west coast of Taiwan. In this post I’m going to tell you how to buy tickets online and in person, how fast it goes, what stations it stops at and other helpful things. Booking tickets online Booking []. Permalink. This is a very helpful post of the ways to travel by High Speed Rail HSR in Taiwan. I am in Taiwan now, finishing a three-week stint in Tainan, but have been on a longer 5 week stint in Taipei, where I traveled the HSR extensively. At the Taichung HSR Station, various public and privately-operated buses are available High Speed Rail from Taipei city to Taichung. If you are planning to visit Taipei city before heading to Taichung, you can take the HSR directly from Taipei Main Station. Purchase your discounted HSR tickets online. The Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation signed contracts with China Airlines for preferential services at this station for the airline's outbound passengers. The station is connected to the Taoyuan Airport MRT which began service to the station on 2 March 2017, connecting the station to the now completed Taoyuan MRT network. HSR station layout. 台北101 directions_car約15分 「目前為世界第八高樓,完工以來即成為臺北重要地標之一。標高382公尺的89樓觀景台,除擁有全方位絕佳的觀景視野外,同時更可看到世界最大、最重、也是唯一外露供參觀的.

抱歉 ,無法繼續提供您訂票的服務,可能發生原因及解決方法如下: 您可能選取了瀏覽器上的"回上一頁"按鈕,導致訂位資料遺失,請點選此處回到訂位系統首頁重新訂位。. You can take the high speed train from Taipei Main Station, Banqiao New Taipei and the new station in Nangang. All the trains stops in Taichung. The high speed railway is, by far, the fastest, most reliable way to travel from Taipei to Taichung. Taichung THSR is out of the city but it is very well connected. There are beautiful locations outside Taipei, one of which is Kaohsiung. Our group took Taiwan’s High Speed Rail to reach Kaohsiung by land. Guide Content1 From Taipei to Kaohsiung by Land2 Taiwan High Speed Rail HSR3 How to Go from Taipei to Kaohsiung via High Speed Rail4 Taiwan High Speed Rail Experience5 Travel Tips From. Explore Taiwan's most popular destinations by high-speed train. Book your THSR Pass for seamless travel from Taipei City.

Book a Taiwan High Speed Rail THSR ticket via KKday today! Book now, follow the steps below to enjoy our exclusive 2 for 1 discount! Use your discount code while completing your order and you will receice two tickets for the price of one. 10/09/2019 · TAIPEI Taiwan News -- Premier Su Tseng-chang 蘇貞昌 today Sept. 10 announced government plans to extend Taiwan's High-Speed Rail HSR line to Pingtung, thereby completing a ring of rail networks around the island. The Taiwan High Speed Rail THSR, HSR or 台灣高鐵 runs from Taipei in the north to Kaohsiung in the south, at a max speed of 300 km/h 186 mph. A ride from Taipei to Kaohsiung takes approximately 1 hour 34 mins, while driving can take 3.5 to 4 hours.

Traveling on High Speed Rail in Taiwan HSR

01/03/2015 · My sister and I spent literally an hour of our lives deciding if we should take Taiwan’s High Speed Rail HSR economy or business class. If you are visiting Taiwan during lunar new year’s, you need to be extremely careful. Economy class fills up quickly usually 2. Taiwan High Speed Rail Passes can only be purchased outside of Taiwan. The official website only lists agents in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macau and Malaysia. Australians can buy them from Taiwan Holidays. Otherwise it will be necessary to ask your local travel agent if they can source them.

Aside of the MRT, there are other means to get to downtown Taipei by train.At Taoyuan Airport there isn’t any mean of train transportation, so it turns necessary to transfer to both High Speed Rail and Taiwan. Taipei to Kaohsiung by HSR. The HSR high-speed rail will get you there in no time! It only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to connect Taipei to Kaohsiung City by High-Speed Train, and cost 1490NT$ for standard seat and 2195NT$ for business class. You can take the high-speed train at Taipei Main Station. Travel by Normal Train. 台灣高鐵連結台灣南北主要城市,我們不只是交通運輸業,更是推動台灣­前進的服務業;我們代表的不僅只是速度,而是速度所帶來的現代生活新態度;我們以更文明的旅行體驗,成為你實現夢想的助力,台灣高鐵,實踐台灣新生活。. Take Taiwan High Speed Rail HSR from Taipei Main Station to HSR Zuoying Station travel time: about 1.5-2 hrs/ fare: about TWD 1500. Visitors may connect to downtown Kaohsiung City area simply by taking a short KRT ride from the R16 KRT Zuoying Station. For more information on high speed rail schedule, please visit the official website of.

Taiwan may be a small island nation, but it’s full of incredible natural attractions, interesting townships, and mouthwatering local cuisine everywhere you look. And so much of the country is still unexplored. Thankfully, Taiwan’s High Speed Rail or HSR can take you far. Before 2007, the Taiwan High Speed Rail a.k.a. the HSR, THSR, Taiwan Gao Tie did not exist, meaning the Taiwanese had to endure long rides on the railway train or bus to reach destinations around the country. Now, the Taiwan HSR has graciously given us less time on the road and more time at our destinations. No complaints here. It is the network that runs along the west Taiwan, from Taipei City to Kaohsiung City for approximately 335.5 km. There are 11 stations finished so far. Taiwan High Speed Rail Tourism will take you to travel around the main cities of Taiwan, including Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung to experience the wonderful Taiwan. 29/11/2019 · Taiwan High Speed Rail features excellent,modern bullett rail trains thst are clean and convenient.Prices are very reasonable and go alk over Taiwan ROC. They are always near a 7-11 convenience store. 7-11conveniece stores in Taiwan,ROC is known to locals as "7" has hot foods🍜,.

As for Taipei, you can get both HSR and Intercity trains at the Taipei Station. Taipei Station. If you are traveling by train in Taiwan, there is a high likelihood that you will visit the Taipei Station at least once. It is the biggest station in Taiwan, and it converges traffic from HSR and Taiwan Railways trains and Taipei Metro lines. The bullet service on the Taiwan High Speed Rail HSR;.tw zips between Taipei and Kaohsiung in as fast as 96 minutes. Tickets are a little less than double the price of a standard train but take less than half the time. Taiwan High Speed Rail chinesisch 台灣高速鐵路, Pinyin Táiwān gāosù tiělù, meist kurz chinesisch 高鐵, Pinyin gāotiě, auch kurz THSR ist eine Eisenbahn-Hochgeschwindigkeitsstrecke in der Republik China auf Taiwan. Die 345 km lange Strecke ist seit dem 5. Page 1 High-Speed Rail in Asia: The Taiwan Experience HSR & Sustainability Symposium Berkeley, November 29, 2012 Jason Ni, Ph.D. Manager, THI Consultants. The Taiwan HSR opens a new chapter in the story of high speed rail transportation in Asia, broadening & building upon successes in Japan & Korea. Moving at top speeds of 300 kmh / 186mph & running the length of western Taiwan, the HSR shortens travel time between Taipei & Kaohsiung to as little as 80 minutes on its non-stop route.

In 2007, the technology of Japan’s Shinkansen got exported to Taiwan and was named HSR. After the opening of HSR, it takes only one and a half hours from Taipei to Kaohsiung, significantly reducing the trip which could’ve take four hours by car. Map of Taiwan High Speed. 11/05/2014 · Business Class Cabin for Taiwan High Speed Rail HSR 台灣高速鐵 Taking the high speed rail henceforth HSR is one efficient way to cut down on travelling time within Taiwan without the high, exorbitant prices we often have to fork out for domestic air travel.

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